About Reynolds

Our company name Reynolds is derived from the Reynolds’ Number. This is an important factor in aerodynamics and predicts where and when a laminar flow around for example a wing or aerofoil transits into turbulent flow. As soon as this happens, it greatly reduces the lift of the wing or aerofoil. Reynolds optimizes the ‘lift’ in your business derived from your investment in marketing communication.

Lejo Duivenvoorde founded Reynolds out of the conviction that there is a clear demand for an agency that is able to combine technology, marketing communications, data and media in an integrated strategic advice based on accountability and performance.

What is it what we do

Marketing & marketing communications will become really effective when the right message is delivered to the right target group at the right moment and the right price.

Data is key to realise the promise made above. Who is our target group, for who is my message relevant? We have access to factual data that enables us to identify the target group and helps us establishing where (which media, which context) and how we can reach them. Reynolds is able to disclose and analyse existing client data, and to use this analysis for a marketing communications and approach and media deployment. The effectiveness of every single Euro invested is leading, which means that we will always optimize every campaign or marketing communication activity real-time, all of this because the real work starts when the campaign kicks off.

The service Reynolds provides to her clients can be restricted to consultancy and strategic advice, but if desired we (together with our or your partners) gladly take care of the development of creative, planning and buying media and the project management.

Our incentive is the business success of our client, that’s why our starting point for every campaign are our clients’ business goals. And obviously our remuneration is dependent on the success of our activities on behalf of the client. Leading edge technology and data insights enables us to predict that success rather accuratly.


AT REYNOLDS, we are convinced that marketing and marketing communications REALLY ARE quite simple:

Step 1 Define the actual challenge by setting one or more goals: Is the organization, looking to reposition its’ brand(s), introduce a new product or target a new range of prospects, to reconfirm its’ market share or to cause a change in consumer behaviour?

Step 2 What does the target audience look like? Who needs to be reached and to whom will this message be relevant?

Step 3 Where can we find such target audience? Which combination of media, technology and data will deliver the best results given the available budget (ROI)?

Step 4: How will this message be communicated to the target audience? The media type defines the impact of the message to great extend, so which kinds of media enable us to reach and engage with the target audience in the most effective manner?

Step 5 : Given the context and target audience, who needs to create your message? The best partner for such task may be found with marketing PR-, Advertising- or Social Media Agencies, a production company or for instance by assigning such task to a gifted copy writer directly. Usually this partner is found among one of the advertiser’s existing partners, but, if required, we will be happy to suggest an external one. It is essential that all contributors to your campaign are managed and evaluated based on the same set of campaign briefings and documents.

Step 6 Buying and executing the campaigns and/or marketing actions. All project items are to be combined in the most optimal combination of strategy, creation, media, data and technology. A media agency will buy media based on this plan.

Step 7 Campaigns have not been stand-alone activities for quite some time. All campaign activities should be tracked, evaluated and optimized to actual performance continuously. Post-campaign evaluation is not custom anymore: optimization needs to be handled in real-time, 24/7. Only the process itself is still evaluated after the campaign has ended.


Reynolds is supported by a couple of strong partners, that enable us to support and advise our customers on the different aspects of marketing.


Lejo Duivenvoorde

After a broad career as a marketer, publisher, mobile- , data-, privacy- and media strategist with leading companies like Wegener, Adobe Software, Blauw Research, Nugg.ad and Omnicom Media Group, Lejo recently was responsible for the repositioning of Delta Projects’ programmatic trading platform (DSP/DMP) in Europe. Lejo is also a teacher/mentor for SRM Online marketing, a member of IAB’s RTB Taskforce and an active blogger on MobileMarketing.nl.


Job Openings

We do not have any specific opening, but Reynolds is always at the lookout for extraordinary talent.

Talent that is incentivized by helping our clients in getting the best results from their marketing communication efforts.

Talent that understands and values the relationship between marketing, technology, data and creative and is able to use this understanding to create better campaigns for our clients.

Send us a note and we will get back to you as soon as possible.